Sniper tattoo

Sniper provides you with perfect photos of your tattoos.
Without any post-processing.

We attach great importance to the quality and durability of our products. All supporting parts are made of high quality aluminum and guarantee you the perfect balance between durability and handling.

1. LED light

The heart.
Made of high quality aluminum with an OLED display and easily adjustable via the control wheel.

The brightness as well as the temperature of the light can be adjusted. 

The special LEDs and filtration on the lamp guarantee a soft and decentered light with a wide angle. The illumination for a perfect tattoo photo.

2. handle

The ergonomic shape makes the handle comfortable to hold.
Specially designed for mounting on a tripod, the handle has a 1/4 thread.

3. phone clip

The high-quality Phoneclip convinces with a stable and durable frame and spring mechanism. 

The lens is held by a magnetic mechanism and can thus be moved 360 degrees comfortably. The polarization of the lens is perfectly matched to the OLED display. 

Reflections, highlights, redness? Not with Sniper!

4. ball head

So that the light can be perfectly adjusted to any smartphone or the position of the camera, a stable joint was built in. With specially shaped adjustment handle, the angle can be adjusted conveniently.

5. phone holder

Quality is the top priority. The holder was therefore made of high quality aluminum and has an enormously durable spring mechanism. 

This ensures that you have a stable hold for your phone even after the hundred thousandth tattoo photo.

6. charging cable

A USB C cable is included in the scope of delivery.

With Sniper you'll take perfect photos of your tattoos in no time.

Sniper always guarantees you the best result.

Depending on the environment, you can adjust the light perfectly. 

To find the perfect light, you need to adjust the settings to the conditions. If you are in a room with cold ambient colors, it is recommended to set the light to 25-40% intensity and a relatively warm temperature of 3500-4500K.

If you are in a dark room with warm colors, you can achieve better results with higher intensities of light and colder temperatures.

Basically, we recommend a neutral dark background and as little direct light as possible. So always look for a spot to photograph where you have these conditions. 

Of course, it is also important what effect you want to give the photo, after all, it should be just as individual to your style as the tattoo itself.

So be sure to try out what works best for you and your style and play around with the settings.

Sniper unfortunately only provides you with the perfect conditions for a tattoo photo, it is important to understand that the photo is ultimately only as perfect as the smartphone camera allows it to be. So if you are not satisfied with the quality of the image itself, you might want to try taking a photo with another, higher quality smartphone.


With and without comparison

These tattoos were taken at the same time and the same ambient light, once with and once without the sniper.

With Sniper, shooting without highlights, redness, and with maximum contrast and color intensity is a breeze.

A time-consuming and usually visible post-processing on the computer is now history!

© All photos are protected by copyright


No, Sniper is a hardware product. Unpack, assemble and shoot perfect tattoo pictures.

No! If you have adjusted the settings of your sniper ideally to the environment, no post-processing of the image is necessary. Take the picture and post it directly.

In principle, yes, but it is important that your smartphone has a high-quality camera. Sniper creates the perfect conditions, but your smartphone takes the perfect picture.

For all styles. In general, tattoos are always difficult to photograph and it's always the same corner points that make photography tedious. Sniper solves this perfectly, whether you want to photograph Realistic, Graphic, Oldschool/Newschool etc. tattoos. Tattoos you want to photograph.


LED panel
96 LEDs are perfectly balanced

LED power (adjustable)
25% - 100% 

Color temperature (adjustable)
3000K - 6500K 

2800mAh guarantees enough power at any time / Input: 5V-1A.

Operating time
Up to 12 hours (depending on light intensity)

Tripod mount
1/4 thread for mounting on a tripod.


12,7 cm / h 29 cm

Charging cable



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